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XML transformation tool (fxt)

XML Transformation Tool (fxt) is a transformation language for XML documents whose development is linked to the Standard Meta Language (SML). fxt can be classified in the environment of XML application-specific languages

. XML data is mapped in the structure of a tree, which iscomparable to the Infoset of XML. Similar to the XSLT approach, rules form the basis of an fxt program. A central match pattern determines which nodes of the tree a rule refers to. This also determines the actions to be performed with the respective steps of the transformation. fxt programs do not support namespaces but are XML documents. The fxt code is translated to SML

before the transformation is executed, which enables the execution of an XML transformation directly from other SML code. Analogous to

regular expressions for strings, fxt applies special regular match patterns.

These patterns, in turn, make it possible to determine the matching pattern for all contained nodes after traversing the input tree a maximum of two times.

fxt is comparable to XSLT in terms of its level of abstraction and maintainability. The translated SML code - and thus the fxt processor - ensures the well-formedness of the XML document. By mapping the XML document as a tree, the size of an XML document to be transformed is limited only by the resource memory. A serial transformation of documents is not possible due to the restrictions of match patterns.

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