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XML paper specification (XPS)

In connection with Office 2007 and Windows Vista, Microsoft has established the universal document and print format XML Paper Specification (XPS). Like the PDF file format

, it is intended to ensure the unhindered exchange of information and to be independent of application programs and system platforms. XPS is a further development of OpenXML and uses the open standards of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) for the description language and the ZIP file format

for thepackaging of text, graphics and metadata

. Such an XPS document represents a particular information state of an OpenXML document and cannot be modified.The description language used in XPS is a subset of the Extensible Application Markup

Language(XAML). The XPS format is intended to unify all document processing operations: from creation and editing to output via display and printer. Documents created in Word, Excel or Outlook are sent to the printer in XPS file format. The XPS document can be opened with a viewer

and read and forwarded like a paper document. XPS could also be of interest for archiving, as it is quite easy to convert it to other file formats such as Postscript or to the PDF file format.

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