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X server

The X server is software that is part of X terminal. In X Window, the X server is responsible for data display, user interface, and monitoring of input devices such as the mouse and keyboard, and the X client

is responsible for processing. X applications can only be performed with an X terminal that has an X server


X Window Concept

X Window Concept

The user of an X server can work on the screen simultaneously with multiple X clients representing the application. The X server receives requests from the X clients and routes user input from the computer mouse and keyboard to the correct X client. It manages the data objects such as the windows, cursors, fonts, graphics

, and so on. The resources can be used by multiple X clients simultaneously. Each X client is displayed in its own window. Thecommunication

between X server and X client takes place via the X protocol

. Known X servers are the Unix-based X11 and the Windows-based Exceed and MiX.

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