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X, Y, Z, exponent (XYZE)

The XYZE file format is a graphical file format used in High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI), which are photos with high dynamic range and brilliant colors

. XYZE is a file format for photos with high brilliance, comparable to the RGBE file format. The difference between the two file formats is that the RGBE file format uses the colors red, green, and blue

forencoding, whereas the XYZE file format uses the CIE color space

forthe X, Y, and Z coordinate values. This allows the XYZE color model to encode the entire visible color space

, whereas the RGBE model only includes the RGB color space. Like RGBE, the XYZE file format consists of four bytes, three of which are used for the coordinates X, Y and Z and the fourth byte E, which stands for exponent, is used for custom floating point representations of pixel values.

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