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Windows 3.0

Microsoft's Windows 3.0 operating system still ran under the DOS operating system, Disc Operating System (DOS). It was further developed for the 80386 processor, was responsive and supported 16 colors.

Windows 3.1 can be seen as an extension ofMS-DOS 3.0. Windows 3.1 offered, among other things, permanent network connections, i.e. information about hard disks and printers on the network was saved even after a network session was terminated. When restarted, the same network connections were automatically resumed. Especially with the persistent network connections, Windows broke into a domain ofOS/2. Windows 3.1 could be installed on a NetWare server or LAN Manager server and the user could access it directly from their clientworkstation.

Windows 3.1 features included support for TrueType fonts and peer-to-peer networking.

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