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USB3 vision

USB3 Vision is a transport layer standard for industrial image processing, based on USB 3.0. In addition to USB3 Vision, there are various camera interfaces specially developed for industrial image processing, such as GigE Vision, 10GigE Vision, CameraLink, CoaXPress and Thunderbolt, as well as another PC interface with the B version of IEEE 1394.

USB3 Vision has a data rate of 5 Gbit/s and achieves a data transfer rate of around 400 MB/s. The bridgeable distance is still about 3 m without a repeater. However, this value is to be increased to over 10 m by improved USB cables. USB3 Vision uses the generic interface GenICam, Generic Interface for Cameras, as camera interface and GenTL, the transport layer of GenICam, as transport layer.

Interface for industrial image processing

Interface for industrial image processing

USB3 Vision's data rate is a factor of five higher than that of IEEE 1394, FireWire. Peripheral devices can be powered via the same USB 3.0 cable, with a DC current of 1.5 A at 5 V. In addition, USB3 Vision supports plug-and-play. To build a vision system with USB3 Vision, you don't need vendor-specific software if the industrial camera has its own firmware.

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