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USB box

USB boxes are black boxes that perform certain functionalities. They are used as receiver and converter units in combination with notebooks and personalcomputers. Their functionality can be related to the reception and processing of digital TV or digital radio, but also to the conversion and processing of measurement signals.

  1. USB boxes designed for digital TV can receive digital television with terrestrial broadcasting, DVB-T, with satellite broadcasting, DVB-S, or programs transmitted via broadband cable, DVB-C. They are functionally similar to set-top boxes, as they, like them, can be equipped with an interface for Common Interface( CI) and thus can also receive decrypted television.
    USB box for digital TV from Technisat

    USB box for digital TV from Technisat

    Such a USB box is connected to the antenna or broadband cable and, via the USB interface, to a notebook or personal computer.
  2. A similar approach is used in measurement technology, where a USB box can perform the functions of an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, voltmeter, function generator or transient recorder. There are also versions with which protocols can be analyzed.
    USB scope adapter, photo: Thomasnet

    USB scope adapter, photo: Thomasnet

    Such USB boxes have DA converters and can sample and store signal sequences. They can be single or multi- channel and have adequate bandwidths of 100 MHz or 200 MHz oscilloscopes. The USB boxes are connected directly to the USB inputs of personal computers or notebooks equipped with the appropriate software.
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