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Tetra subscriber identity (TSI)

For the unique identification of Tetra terminals, Tetra uses the comprehensive addressing system Tetra Subscriber Identity(TSI) with country code and network identifier.

Like other mobile addresses, the TSI address consists of the Mobile Country Code( MCC), the Mobile Network Code( MNC) and the Short Subscriber Identity( SSI). The MCC code comprises 3 digits (10 bits), the MNC code comprises 4 digits (14 bits) and the SSI code comprises 7 or 8 digits (24 bits). So that the total tetra address is 48 bits.

Structure of the Tetra Address (TSI)

Structure of the Tetra Address (TSI)

The subscriber short identifier, Short Subscriber Identity (SSI), can distinguish four receiver groups in its coding: An individual radio, Individual Short Subscriber Identity (ISSI), a talkgroup (GSSI) within a Tetra network, and foreign network subscribers that can be addressed by means of alias addresses, Alias Short Subscriber Identity (ASSI). The Tetra system addresses( TS) are also included.

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