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TERA connector

For the 600 MHz cabling according to category 7 respectively link class "F", two connector systems were considered in the ISO/IEC11801 and EN 50173 standards: The RJ45-compatibleGG45 connector and the Tera connector system developed by Siemon.

In addition, there is also the ARJ45 connector, which meets the specifications of category 7a and 8.2. Since link class "F" also takes multimedia applications into account in addition to voice and data transmission, a multimedia connector system for communication networks has been standardized in the form of the Tera connector, which can be used to transmit different services over separate wire pairs. For example, it is also used in 25GBase-T and 40GBase-T.

TERA connector system, photo: The Siemon Company

TERA connector system, photo: The Siemon Company

The Tera connector is specified for the frequency range up to 1 GHz and can be used in high-speed networks such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet and in broadband cable networks. It offers high flexibility as each wire pair can be patched individually. Television( TV), video, data and telephone can be transmitted over the same cable. The fully shielded Tera connector allows 1-, 2- and 4- channel operation ( cable sharing) and has a footprint comparable to the RJ45 connector, with which, however, it is not compatible.

The Tera connector is specified under IEC 61076-3-104 and is also used in home cabling according to EN 50173-4 and ISO/IEC 15018.

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