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SPE cabling

SPE cabling, Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE), relies on the cabling standard ISO/IEC 11801 and on the European standardEN 50173. It is described in annexes

to these standards. The 11801 standard, which is relevant for SPE cabling, deals intensively with all cable and transmission parameters such as cable length, bandwidth, as well as attenuation, near-end

crosstalk attenuation(NEXT) and far-end crosstalk attenuation

(FEXT). In addition, it is also a matter of the connector face of the SPE connector, which is specified inthe IEC 63171 standards with the environmental properties defined in the MICE concept

. In addition to the cabling, the topology also plays a decisive role in single-pair Ethernet. SPE cabling can be set up in star topology with an SPE switch or in line topology. It is suitable for automotive technology and for Industrial Ethernet because connections can be implemented via a single-pair cable that is looped through from consumer to consumer. This allows different functions to be controlled in different areas within a motor vehicle, for example. The situation is different with the star topology, where each function unit must be connected to the SPE switch via a separate cable.

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