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SMPTE time-code

The SMPTE time code, also known as the EBU time code, is a standardized time code for indicating time in videos

. It is used in

analog and digital

video recording processes and is used for frame-accurate control for post-processing of videos.The SMPTE time code can be recorded like an audio signal in the longitudinal track as a Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) or keyed into some blank lines of the vertical blanking interval. The method of keying is called Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC). The SMPTE has the format: hh:mm:ss:ff, which stands for hours, minutes, seconds and frames

. In addition, thistime code contains other information

. For MIDI, the SMPTE time code is converted to the MIDI Time Code (MTC) using an SMPTE synchronizer.

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