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R-2R converter

The R-2R converter is a D/A converter that uses a resistor matrix as a voltage divider. The individual resistors of the matrix are switched on and off for the conversion with electronic switches. The output voltage is proportional to the binary digital signal


Block diagram of the R-2R converter

Block diagram of the R-2R converter

In contrast to the weighted resistor converter, where the resistor values correspond to 2, 4, 8 and 16 times the base resistance, the R-2R converter has only two resistor values "R" and "2R". The latter, however, several times, since the voltage division for the 4-, 8- and 16-fold values are created from them. This is done by connecting or disconnecting several resistors simultaneously in the voltage divider. The R-2R converter is the most frequently used D/A converter.

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