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QWERTZ keyboard

The key arrangement of PC keyboards can be traced back to the typewriter, the typewriter. Since different countries with Latin script use country-specific characters - in Germany, for example, it is the umlauts - there are, as far as keyboards are concerned, country-specific designs. The general arrangement of characters on a keyboard is divided into the alpha keyboard for letters and the numeric keyboard for digits

. In addition to the two areas mentioned for letter and number input, there are also function keys

, special keys and cursor keys on a PC keyboard.The layout of the different keyboards can vary, with one key layout being more suitable for one language and another key layout being more suitable for another language. For this reason, the differences are identified by naming. It is done using the first six letters of the top alphanumeric row of keys. The consecutive letters give the keyboard layout its name


QWERTZ keyboard layout

QWERTZ keyboard layout

In Germany, the QWERTZ keyboard is used. This means that the first six keys of the top row of letters are assigned the letters Q, W, E, R, T and Z from left

to right. The assignment is due to the fact that in Germany the letter "Z" is used more often than the letter "Y" and that the letter combination "TZ" often occurs in the German language. Other countries, such as the USA or France have a different keyboard layout designation. In the USA it is QWERTY and in France AZERTY. The assignment of the keyboards has a historical background, which is connected with the development of the typewriter and provides for the best possible usability of the keyboards. It is directly related to the statistical distribution of letters in words of the corresponding national language.

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