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PowerBeam is a laser-based concept for wireless power transfer (WPT). It is intended to be applicable for all devices, i.e. not exclusively for smartphones and cell phones like Airnergy or for small mobile devices like Powermat. PowerBeam can be used to wirelessly power lamps and amplifiers, digital picture frames, cell phones, MP3 players and other devices.

As can be seen from the name PowerBeam, it is intended to beam energy in the form of heat to the devices over greater distances by means of a laser beam. On the transmitting side, there is the Powmitter, which converts the energy into heat, which on the receiving side is converted back into electricity in the energy receiver, the Powceiver, in a kind of solar cell. PowerBeam transmission, however, requires a line of sight between the laser transmitter and the energy receiver. If this is interrupted, the energy transmission is also interrupted.

Conceptually, hotspots located in private and public spaces are envisioned to power the devices. Current power transmission is 1.5 W, though systems with power transmission of 30 W or more are under development.

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