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Power6 is a 64-bitdual-core processor from IBM. It has 790 million transistors, a level 2 cache of 8 megabytes (MB) and is one of the fastest clocked processors with its clock frequency of 4.7 GHz. The clock speed has doubled from its predecessor, the Power5 processor, and yet the power consumption for its operation and cooling has barely changed.

The Power6 processor, introduced in spring 2007, has a high integration density and is built using 65nm technology and boasts some groundbreaking improvements. These include the way instructions are executed in the chip. IBM researchers have improved chip performance by making the pipeline stages faster but maintaining their number. They also removed non-essential work and executed more operations in parallel. The development effort has helped cut execution times in half.

IBM CPU Power6 with 790 million transistors

IBM CPU Power6 with 790 million transistors

Furthermore, they used a chip design that operates at low voltages, which allows the processor to be used in servers such as the p570, low-power blade servers, but also in multiprocessing machines. The Power6 can adapt the processor performance to the computing demand via the dynamically adjustable clock rate, which also reduces the power dissipation accordingly.

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