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PoE technology consortium (PoETeC)

The Power over Ethernet Technology Consortium (PoETeC) is concerned with the standardization of Power over Ethernet( PoE).

Founded in 2005, the consortium develops the PoE cabling concepts between the Power Sourcing Equipment( PSE) and the Powered Devices( PD). In addition to PoE devices, it supports traditional low- power (Type 1) and higher-power (Type 2) devices, where Type 1 devices can be powered over Category 3( Cat 3) and higher TP cables and Type 2 over Category 5 (Cat 5) and higher. PoETeC has classified powered devices into power classes based on their power requirements.

PoETeC's goal is to simplify the implementation of the various PoE standards and to advance the development of new connectors for power sourcing equipment and for PoE controllers.

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