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P channel MOS (PMOS)

PMOS technology is a variant of MOS technology

that uses self-blocking P-channel MOSFETs. Like Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS), PMOS technology relies on the MOS field effect transistor

(MOSFET) and its advantages, but it requires high negative supply voltages. In PMOS technology, positive-doped MOSFETs are used to perform logic and resistance functions.

Characteristics of PMOS

Characteristics of PMOS

Due to the relatively high operating voltages, which lie between -9 V and -20 V, PMOS logics have a high noise immunity and, with 40 ns, a switching time that is almost 10 times as long as that of NMOS technology. The clock rates are also relatively low at 10 MHz. PMOS technology is incompatible with other technologies. Unlike other technologies, PMOS devices require fewer transistors for their gates.

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