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OpenType is a cross-platform font that works with Unicode. The double- byte code allows up to 65,536 glyphs per font. OpenType, introduced in 1995 by Adobe and Microsoft, combines the advantages of TrueType and Postscript in a container format and can design type fonts with the help of scripts.

The OpenType character set offers, among other things, automatic replacement of individual characters or a small group of characters, which can consist of several letters, for ligatures and for Arabic letters, for their ornaments, small caps and fractions. OpenType is cross-platform and provides automatic kerning between letters from different fonts.

To make working with fonts easier, glyphs are assigned font set numbers that are used universally. This advantage is particularly evident in Opentype, which works with Unicode and is therefore standardized worldwide.

OpenType uses the outlines of Postscript and TrueType and has the suffixes *.otf for Postscript outlines and *.ttf or *.ttc for TrueType outlines as extensions.

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