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OPEN alliance

OPEN Alliance is an association of automotive technology companies and chip manufacturers that aims to establish OPEN Alliance BroadR Reach( OABR) as an open standard.

The OPEN Alliance has a Steering Committee for organization, governance, and marketing, and several Technical Committees to address the various technologies and promote Ethernet as a standard for automotive networking applications. Among the methods supported by the Open Alliance are UTSP Ethernet or Reduced Twisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet( RTPGE) and around Ethernet-based communications using the protocol layers of the OSI reference model.

As of 2016, OPEN Alliance has over 300 member companies, primarily automotive and some communications companies. Member companies include BMW, Continental, Daimler, General Motors, Harman, Hyundai, Jaguar, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as Bosch, Renesas and Broadcom.

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