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Non-public land mobile radio

Non-public land mobile radio (nömL) refers to all radio services that are used by a closed user group, such as employees of companies, public authorities, the police or rescue services, or that have a closed radio application in themselves, such as baby monitors, radio microphones, wireless systems or door intercoms.

The German Federal Network Agency has released special frequency ranges for these short-range radio applications, some of which can be used free of charge and without the need for registration or licensing. Others, on the other hand, are subject to registration, licensing and charges. The areas of application of non-public land mobile radio include all radio networks used by certain institutions, service companies, emergency services, public authorities and the military, BOS radio, professional radio for cabs and haulage companies, as well as analog and digital trunked radio with Terrestrial Trunked Radio( TETRA) and Tetrapol.

In addition to non-public land mobile radio (nömL), there is also public land mobile radio (ömL).

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