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NetWare directory service (NDS)

NetwareDirectory Service (NDS) is a hierarchical directory service and addressing system from Novell that is oriented on X.500 and was first implemented in Netware 5.0. NDS manages network users, their access rights, network components and services, and all other resources in a distributed database

. This directory service was renamed eDirectory by Novell. The structure of the NDS service corresponds to that of a directory tree in which all resources and the rights of the individual objects

aredefined. The tree structure extends to the leaf objects, which can be defined as users, user profiles, servers or storage units. As components NDS knows the Directory Service Agent (DSA) and the Directory Clients. The service agents are the main components of the server that store directory information, and the services and applications access the directory service agents through standard protocols such as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

(LDAP) or the NetWare Directory Access Protocol (NDAP).

NDS Headers

NDS Headers

NDS simplifies the management of network users and resources under Windows NT/2000, Netware, Unix and Linux. NDS supports standard protocols such as LDAP, Domain Name System (DNS), XML, and others.

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