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MySQL is a relational database management system( RDBMS) that runs on all major PC operating systems. It is a robust and fast multi- user system for creating dynamic web pages. MySQL is the most widely used database management system( DBMS) on the Web for dynamically modifying Web pages.

The use of MySQL has the advantage that when the web pages are changed, when textis changed or prices and offers are changed, the entire web page does not have to be rebuilt, as is the case with static web page programs, but the updates can be carried out continuously. And this can be done both on the server side by the provider, and on the client side by the user.

In the MySQL concept, the server works as a daemon. The updated data is provided in a database. The database management system prepares the data and stores it in tables so that it can be accessed by users. There are various client programs and libraries. In MySQL database programming language Structured Query Language( SQL) is implemented. This means that queries to MySQL are made in SQL. Due to the fact that the source code is accessible, users can make individual adjustments to their application.


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