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MiniDV cassette

MiniDV is one of several variations of the DV format for digital video. It is a small video cassette format for consumer video cameras. MiniDV uses the same compression algorithms as the DV format

. MiniDV cassettes are relatively inexpensive and have high playback quality. Depending on the quality of the camcorder, the video display can have a resolution of 530 lines

or more.

MiniDV cassette

MiniDV cassette

The cassettes have a size of 65 x 48 x12 mm and a recording time of 60 minutes in normal operation and 90 (120) minutes in the extended long-term operation (Longplay). Thestorage capacity of such a magnetic tape is approx. 13 GB

. TheLongplay tapes are thinner and therefore more sensitive to damage.

MiniDV cassettes can also be recorded with the DV format and also with DVCAM.

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