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MiniDV cassette

MiniDV is one of several variants of the DV format for digital video. It is a small video cassette format for consumer video cameras. MiniDV uses the same compression algorithms as the DV format.

MiniDV cassettes are relatively inexpensive and have high playback quality. Depending on the quality of the camcorder, the video display can have a resolution of 530 lines or more.

MiniDV cassette

MiniDV cassette

The cassettes have a size of 65 x 48 x12 mm and a recording time of 60 minutes in normal operation and 90 (120) minutes in the extended long-term operation (Longplay). The storage capacity of such a magnetic tape is about 13 GB. The longplay tapes are thinner and therefore more sensitive to damage.

MiniDV tapes can also be recorded with the DV format and also with DVCAM.

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