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Mätoch Provräd (MPR I/II)

MPR values are radiation values of monitors developed by the Swedish Institute of Metrology. The MPR values MPR I and MPR II are used to identify low-radiation monitors

. The MPR values are the emission values for electric and magnetic fields

that monitors may emit at the workplace. The MPR values aresimilar to the TCO guidelines

, but not as stringent as the latter. There are two MPR radiation values: MPR I and MPR II. The values for the static electric fields of MPR I and MPR II are the same as those of TCO 92 with +/- 500 V. For the low-frequency magnetic fields, MPR II has a value of 250 nano-tesla (nT) in band I, TCO 92: 200 nT, and one of 25 nT in band II. For electric fields, MPR II value is 25 V/m, TCO 92 value is 10 V/m.

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