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MU connector

The MU connector, which is essentially the same as the Mini- SC connector, looks very similar to it, but is only about half the size. Of this compact, space-saving SFF connector, which is specified according to IEC 61754-6, 5 connectors can be accommodated on one height unit(U).

The MU connector is available for gradient fibers and monomode fibers in normal ground and beveled ground. It has a push-pull locking mechanism. The MU connector is used rather rarely. If, then mainly in local networks and by telecom operating companies such as Japan-Telecom.

MU duplex connector, photo:

MU duplex connector, photo:

The MU connector has a 1.25 mm thin, ceramic ferrule of high precision. It features an insertion loss of 0.2 dB and a return loss of >50 dB, is designed for about 1,000 mating cycles, has a push-pull connection and is twist- proof. As an MU duplex connector, it is available with a spacing of 4.5 mm and 6.25 mm. Special SC-MU adapters are available for the transition from the SC connector to the MU connector.

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