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MTRJ connector

The MTRJ connector is a multi-fiber connector that is equally suitable for single- mode or multi-mode fibers. The FO connector was developed by several well-known companies.

Companies involved in its development include AMP, Siecor, US Conec and Hewlett Packard. The MTRJ connector is a duplex connector, it has a close relationship to the RJ45 connector and is intended to replace the duplex SC connector in the tertiary area.

The MTRJ connector belongs to the SFF connectors, it is comparable to the RJ-45 connector in its dimensions and locking. It can accept up to 8 fibers simultaneously.

MT-RJ connector, photo: Corning Cable

MT-RJ connector, photo: Corning Cable

Insertion loss is typically 0.1 dB to 0.2 dB for multimode fibers, and return loss is -42 dB to -36 dB; 0.75 dB insertion loss and -20 dB return loss are allowed. For single mode fibers, the insertion loss is the same as that of the gradient fiber, and the return loss is between -50 dB and -48 dB. It should be noted that the MTRJ connector is designed for fibers with a secondary cladding of 600 ┬Ám.

Other multi-fiber connectors for ribbon cable or ribbon fiber are the MPO connector and the MTP connector developed from it.

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