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MEMS loudspeaker

MEMS loudspeakers are miniature loudspeakers in microsystem technology. They are only a few millimeters in size and are used in hearing aids, earphones, data glasses and in smart wearables.

Thanks to MEMS technology, MEMS speakers can be manufactured together with an amplifier and transducer as a system-in- board (SiB) or system-in- package( SiP) and housed on an integrated circuit. In terms of technical values, MEMS loudspeakers cover the upper frequency range between 1 kHz and 16 kHz. Since the natural frequency of MEMS loudspeakers is in the kilohertz range, high frequencies can be generated with low power. However, the distortion factor is relatively high and may well be between 1% and 2% at 1 kHz at a sound pressure of 100 dBSPL.

MEMS loudspeaker for hearing aids, photo: USound

MEMS loudspeaker for hearing aids, photo: USound

Higher power levels are required for the reproduction of low frequencies. They can be reproduced if acoustic short circuits in the ear are prevented during radiation. This can be achieved by seals. MEMS loudspeakers can emit sound pressures of over 95 dB.

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