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Lempel, Ziv (LZ)

The Lempel-Ziv (LZ) method is a data compression method named after its developers, the mathematicians Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv.

In the Lempel-Ziv method, long data sequences or character strings are replaced by shorter codes. In contrast to run-length coding, the LZ method can compress character strings with periodically repeating character sequences. Examples of such character strings are ABCABCABCABC or BERTABERTABERTA.

For the compression of such character strings the developers Lempel and Ziv already compiled 1977 and 1978 suggestions, which are reflected in the designation of the procedures: LZ77 and LZ78.

Based on these proposals, the LZSS procedure was defined in 1982 by James Storer and Thomas Szymanski. In addition, there are several variations of the Lempel-Ziv method, known as the LZH method or the LZW algorithm.

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