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There is an endless variety of apps, such add-on programs for smartphones. One of them is called Layar, was developed by Dutch developers and supports smartphone browsers under the Androidsmartphone operating system with augmented reality( AR). In concrete terms, this means that Layar fades in additional information on the smartphone browser from the environment shown on the display, from buildings or sights.

In this augmented reality application, the position data from the cell phone is linked with information from the Internet and superimposed on the smartphone display, with the information superimposed depending on the information offered. Information is displayed on multiple layers that can be superimposed.

Augmented Reality from Layar, Photo:

Augmented Reality from Layar, Photo:

In addition to the augmented reality function, Layar also supports a type of distance measurement. If the smartphone is held in the direction of a certain object, then the distance between the location and targeted object is displayed. Other overlays of YouTube videos taken nearby are also supported.

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