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LED headlight

The development of light-emitting diodes has produced very bright power LEDs, those which, thanks to their high luminous flux, can be used individually or as an LED array in automotive technology for turn signals, brake lights, tail lights and also in headlights.

The luminous efficacy of LEDs at a forward current of 1.4 A is 190 lumens( lm), which is already in the range of a 20 W halogen lamp (400 lm). Multichip LEDs and LED arrays already achieve values of 3,000 lumens, which is above the luminous flux of a xenon headlight.

Full LED headlights on the Audi A8, Photo: Audi

Full LED headlights on the Audi A8, Photo: Audi

LED headlights can consist of several LED arrays or an LED matrix, which can be made to shine in any combination in adaptive lighting systems. High-tech light sources generate HD light with micro LEDs and multi-pixel LED matrices consisting of many thousands of LED pixels. Such an LED matrix can consist of 30,000 individual light points that can be controlled individually. The luminous flux of such an LED matrix is bundled in the headlights with reflectors and lenses.

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