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LAN extension

LANExtensions are extensions of local area networks ( LAN). They are used to connect two LANs that are separated by a certain distance.

With classic Ethernet cabling, LAN extensions are used when the specified distance of 100 m is exceeded, such as with remote buildings on a campus, or when connecting WiFi access points distributed across a city, or with Data Center Interconnect( DCI), or with industrial monitoring stations that monitor production on another production floor.

LAN Extension operate at the physical layer and are transparent to network protocols. They can be media converters that adapt different transmission media - TP cables and optical fibers - to each other, they can be Ethernet extenders or wireless extenders. LAN extension can also be realized via optical directional radio( FSO), PP directional radio, DSL techniques, wide area networks, mobile networks or with tunneling techniques such as Ethernet over MPLS( EoMPLS).

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