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Kelvin terminal

The Kelvin clamp is a four-wire clamp used in four-wire or four-wire measurements. It is a metrological arrangement that is independent of the conductor resistances of

the test leads. As can be seen from the name four-wire clamp, the Kelvin clamp works with two pairs of test leads of which one pair is used for the current lead, the other

for thevoltmeter

. Thetest leads for the voltmeter are also called sense leads and should be placed as close as possible to both measuring points when making measurements. With this four-pole measurement, temperature influences and the contact resistances of the test leads are compensated and are not included in the measurement result


Kelvin terminal, photo: rs-online

Kelvin terminal, photo: rs-online

In concept, the Kelvin terminal is a bridge circuit in which no current flows in the bridge branch. The Kelvin contacts are gold-plated, which makes them corrosion-resistant and extremely low-resistance.

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