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Joyn is the Rich Communication Suite - Enhanced(RCS-e) based messaging service whose development was driven by the GSM Association( GSMA) for the mobile service. Joyn is offered in Germany by mobile service providers Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2 and differs from the classic short message service( SMS) in that it can also transfer multimedia files, all during a phone call.

With Joyn, the subscriber can exchange short messages or instant messaging during the call, but also photos and videos, and video telephony is also possible. In addition, Joyn offers location functions, a buddy list like in instant messaging( IM) and extended phone book functions with detailed information.

Joyn is independent of mobile networks and operating platforms and can work with Windows Mobile, Apple's iPhone OS( iOS) and Google's Androidsmartphone operating systems.

As such messaging applications are implemented with messaging apps such as WhatsApp, mobile carriers are pushing Joyn. In the process, Joyn is to be offered first as an app, then later as a paid messaging service. Joyn is supported by many well-known manufacturers of smartphones and offered by well-known telecommunications providers worldwide.


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