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JavaScript is a versatile programming language that can be used to develop complex applications. Interpreters for JavaScript are integrated in all modern web browsers, so the language is considerably widespread. Besides, JavaScript is used for scripting some popular software. JavaScript is mainly used client-side and it is possible to dynamically influence web pages with it.

JavaScript has been standardized by the European Computer Manufacturers Association( ECMA) under the standardization ECMA-262 (ECMAScript). For reasons of security for the individual system, JavaScript has no direct access to its files. In addition, JavaScript must be enabled on each system before it can be used. In addition to the purely functional style, JavaScript supports the methodology of object-oriented programming.

The development of JavaScript

First of all, JavaScript is a scripting language whose program code is interpreted by the functionality of a browser in the first step and then executed directly. Thereby, the term scripting language defines a programming language intended for rather manageable software tasks. JavaScript is a versatile and flexible language with object-oriented capabilities.

Originally, the language was developed to extend the purely static HTML pages from the user's point of view with possibilities to dynamically influence web pages. The development of the Internet then ensured a rapid spread and an important role of JavaScript. In the meantime there are also different other possibilities to design dynamic web pages. For the development of JavaScript it was certainly an advantage that the language is independent of a specific platform.

JavaScript for Internet applications

For a language, whose actual application area is the Internet with the most different systems and platforms, an enormously highly to be evaluated aspect. Another advantageous aspect is that JavaScript is essentially a client-side programming language. This means that the scripts are executed by the client 's web browser - independently of the web server. To realize this, the general language kernel is extended by objects in the sense of a programmable interface, which then make it possible to react to events such as user input, to control the browser in its functionality or, for example, to access data of the HTML document.

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