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JTAG connector

The JTAG connector is an interface connector standardized by the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) and used for programming, emulation and debugging of microcontrollers in test systems and AVR studio systems according to IEEE standard 1149.1.

The symmetrically constructed JTAG connector is a rectangular ten- pin connector consisting of two five-pin rows of contacts, which has a notch on one side to ensure that the connector cannot be inserted twisted.

JTAG connector in 10-pin (mini) and 20-pin version, photo:

JTAG connector in 10-pin (mini) and 20-pin version, photo:

The ten contacts carry the clock signal for the test, the incoming test pattern and the outgoing test signal, furthermore the operating voltage, ground and the signal for the test mode. The JTAG connector is also available in a twenty-pin version, where one row of contacts is at ground potential.

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