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JK flipflop

A JK flip-flop is a clocked flip-flop

whose name comes from the two information inputs "J" and "K" and is probably due to the developer Jack Kilby. The JK flip-flop also has a clock input (C). The JK flip-flop operates in the same way as the RS flip-flop as long as different signals

arepresent at

the inputs.If, on the other hand, a "1" is present at each of the inputs "J" and "K", then the JK flip-flop operates like a T flip-flop and is controlled by the clock signal


Truth table and switching symbol of the J

Truth table and switching symbol of the J

K flip-flopThe JK flip-flop is also called master-slave flip-flop because it is composed of two flip-flops, a master and a slave

, which are controlled by the rising and falling edge of the clock pulse. JK flip-flops are used in shift registers and counters because all flip-flops of such a register can be set simultaneously.

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