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IoT device

IoT devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) are all devices and components that can collect, store, process and transmit data when connected to a network, either wired or wireless.

IoT devices are smart objects and dumb objects as found in smart homes: Smart Lighting devices, sensors and actuators for heating and alarm systems, and consumer electronics and home electronics devices. Traditional, non-Internet-enabled devices and everyday objects can be equipped with Internet technology and communicate and interact over the Internet. They can also be controlled and monitored via the Internet.

Surveillance cameras in CCTV in a public place.

Surveillance cameras in CCTV in a public place.

Another large group of devices are IoT devices for smart cities that support traffic management and building management and mobility management, and smart energy and smart grids for energy supply, energy monitoring and energy control. And then there is the area of smart wearables with its intelligent, body-worn mini-systems for fitness, wellness and health.

IoT devices and systems are present in industry, factories, machines and production facilities, as well as in automotive technology, traffic facilities and medical technology. Each individual IoT device is uniquely identified by an Internet address( URL) and can be accessed via the Internet.

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