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Intranet is a network concept with private network connections on which text, graphic and video data can be exchanged company-wide. As a rule, these are web servers (WWW) that support employee communication through web browser technologies. In many cases, these intranets connect branches and offices of companies globally and thus form an efficient and cost-effective alternative for internal company communication.

The speed with which all relevant information is made available to employees and suppliers, the simple and cost-effective installation, the stable protocol world for the most diverse services and the integration of the various operating system platforms are significant advantages of an intranet.

In addition to private networks, intranets are increasingly using the infrastructure of the Internet. When using the Internet as a communication base, intranets are connected to the Internet via firewalls to protect against unauthorized access.

Intranet solutions compete with groupware, although they have much lower security requirements. On the other hand, intranet networks can be installed and expanded quickly and can support thousands of users at much lower cost.

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