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Internet of value

The classic Internet is the Internet of information. The Internet of Things (IoT) is different, where devices, smart objects

and machines communicate with each other. The further development of the Internet, the Internet of Values, is about the transfer of values. With the Internet of Values, anything that represents value can be stored on the Internet or transferred from one person to another. Values can be tangible, intellectual or social; they can be currencies or cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, real estate, funds or jewelry, intellectual or creative property, identities and much more. All of these can be transferred on the Internet of Values and change hands in real time. Transactions on the Internet of Values take place directly between the two transfer parties without the need for additional intermediaries who drive up the cost of transactions. In addition, the transactions in the Internet of Values have a high level of security because they are based on a blockchain

. As a distributed ledger technology (DLT), the blockchain provides a transparent, decentralized ledger of accounts that can be viewed by all participants. In addition, the blockchain ensures that all values are stored in the Internet of Values and none can be manipulated or deleted.

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