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Insteon is a concept for building automation that can transmit data in the smart home both radio-based and wired. Other concepts include Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and EnOcean

.Awide range of monitoring and control functions can be carried out in smart homes via Insteon. These include switching light switches on and off, dimming lighting, remote control of electrical devices, building monitoring by motion detectors, room monitoring by presence sensors, temperature control by thermostats, and many more. With this concept, data transmission can be carried out by radio in the ISM band at 868 MHz (915 MHz) or by means of Powerline in Cenelec Band C via the existing electrical installation. If the transmission takes place via the ISM band, then the electrical wiring is available as a backup transmission medium. On the other hand, if the electrical wiring is used, the radio technology is available as a backup medium. Dual-band technology makes Insteon robust to microwaves

or other interference.An Insteon network is a mesh network

whereeach individual component can repeat messages over the network. This avoids bottlenecks that occur when a component in a routed network fails. In addition, the Insteon network can transmit over the air and over the home electrical system. The network has no routers or other control components; any device can control or be controlled by any other. With simulcast, Insteon can address hundreds of nodes simultaneously without complicated and expensive transmission technology

. An Insteon network can theoretically consist of an unlimited number of devices. Practically useful networks can operate with several thousand components. Such an Insteon network can be centrally controlled, but it can also operate without it. Via central control with smartphones and tablets, events and problem messages can be recorded and handled.

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