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IP spoofing

Address spoofing or IP spoofing is the term used on the Internet to refer to the pretending of a false IP address or the forging of an IP address for the purpose of taking advantage. In the IP spoofing attack, the attacker uses the network address of an authorized user and, because he is considered trustworthy, gains access to certain resources of a network or a system.

In IP spoofing, access to certain resources is aided by the use of known source addresses or by the fact that the correct sender is difficult to determine.

In spoofing, if the attacker succeeds in manipulating the routing tables to serve the spoofed address, he is treated as an authorized user.

Countermeasures against IP spoofing primarily target the configuration ofaccess control. For example, an IP source guard allows only those IP addresses that arrive at a specific port using DHCP snooping, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Other methods focus on better authentication, as with one-time password( OTP).

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