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IP detail record (IPDR)

By means of IP

Detail Record (IPDR), the essential elements of the data exchange between network elements and operations support systems are to be defined so that future IP services can be operated economically and billed in detail. IPDR is intended to create an open standard

for charging forexisting services such as electronic mail, but also real-time and multicast services, Internet telephony

and multimedia messaging. Already with simple services such as e-mail, there are various cost-relevant factors such as e-mail size and attachment size, distance, time of day, etc. With IPDR, the initiative of the same name wants to create a uniform recording format with which the network operators can determine and charge the costs for theservices

. To this end, it defines the governing parameters for IP transactions and provides extensibility for services and networks. The definitions of IPDR include an open record format for exchanging information between all systems involved in network management and support and accounting systems.

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