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IP centrex

The Centrex service was developed in the USA in the 1960s and has established itself as a value-added TC service for voice communications. With the change from circuit-switched to packet-switched communication, Centrex is also undergoing a transition from classic technology to IP Centrex. This change also adds an interesting service to managed services in convergent networks.

IP-Centrex is a hosted operation of a virtual PBX, the so-called Call Control Server, which is managed by providers. The company using IP-Centrex can use all the features of modern PBXs. For example, direct dialing, call forwarding, callback on busy, conference calling, callswapping, etc. The employees' telephones are directly connected to the local network.

Each individual employee can make his or her desired configuration with the web browser at the click of a mouse. A significant advantage of an IP-Centrex solution is that employees can use IP-Centrex regardless of their location. Office staff as well as those in the field. This means that remote office solutions can also be implemented with the integration of mobile and fixed network devices or VoIP solutions via Internet access.

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