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The International Telecommunication Union(ITU) has defined the specifications for 5th generation( 5G) mobile networks in IMT-2020. They exceed the specifications of IMT-2000 for 3rd generation( 3G) and IMT-Advanced, which stands for 4G, in all respects.

IMT-2020, in its manifestations, is a highly flexible mobile communications system that uses additional frequency ranges for the highest data rates and. The specifications produced by the IMT-2020 initiative achieve peak data rates of 20 Gbit/s, with end- user data rates of 100 Mbit/s. In contrast, IMT-Advanced has a peak data rate of 1 Gbit/s. Another important characteristic is the latency, which is set at 1 ms, only one-tenth of the 4G latency. The connection density has also increased by a factor of 10 to 100,000 devices per square kilometer. Other aspects include energy efficiency, which is improved a hundredfold, and spectral efficiency, which is a factor of 3 better than that of IMT-Advanced.

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