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IGBT high power module (IHM)

IGBT High-Power Modules (IHM) are compact modules made of power semiconductors that are used as high-power switches in inverters, power electronics and energy and HVDC technology

. IHM modules are extremely robust and are characterized by high reliability. Their temperature range is between -50 °C and 150 °C. They are available in two performance classes: IGBTHigh Voltage (IHV) and IGBT Low Voltage


IGBT module (IHV) for 4.5 kV, Photo: Infineon

IGBT module (IHV) for 4.5 kV, Photo: Infineon

The modules of both power classes - ILV and IHV - are available as half-bridge, single-switch, chopper and diode modules. They differ in voltage and current values and in package insulation. While the ILV module has a case insulation of up to 6 kV, the insulation strength of the IHV module is 10.4 kV. The ILV module can be used in the voltage range 1.2 kV and 3.3 kV, while the IHV module can be used up to 6.5 kV and switch currents up to 3.6 kA.

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