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IEEE 802.9

The 802.9 working group, Integrated Services LAN ( ISLAN), is developing a standard that combines the CSMA/ CD protocols with ISDN services. No standard exists here yet, but a draft exists that will be submitted to the TCCC for voting

Other topics are isochronousservices with CSMA/CD MAC service and functional specification of access device interworking, Access Unit ( AU)

802.9a: 16 Mbit/s Isochronous Service with CSMA/CD MAC Service

802.9b: Access Unit Interworking

802.9c:Managed Objects Conformance Statement

802.9d:ProtocolImplementation Conformance Statement ( PICS)

802.9e: ATM CellBearer Service

802.9f:RemoteTerminalLine Powering

The working group is no longer active.

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