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IEEE 802.3 10Broad-36

The IEEE 802.3 10Broad-36 standard uses a 75-ohm wideband coaxial cable

from CATV technology. The topology of 10Broad-36 is an irregular tree topology whose root is the head-end station. The amplification in the head-end station allows a maximum distance of 3600 m between two stations. The standard leaves the AUI interface

unchanged.a hop channel and a return channel are required in the broadband context. An IEEE 802.3 10Broad-36 Medium Attachment Unit (MAU) requires a bandwidth of 18 MHz

in each direction, for a total of 36 MHz. Ineach direction, 14 MHz are used for the transmission of the actual signal and 4 MHz for signaling

. In addition to single-cable systems with midsplit technology or highsplit technology with a frequency offset of 192.25 MHz or 156.25 MHz, two-cable systems are also supported.

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