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IEEE 802.2

The 802.2 working group, Logical Link Control (LLC), has had an existing standard since 1989 that has already been accepted by the International Standards Organization (ISO): ISO 880.2-2. This standard defines a layer that ensures compatibility of the underlying protocols.

Mapping of IEEE 802.

Mapping of IEEE 802

to 802.3 and ANSI X3T9.5

to 802.3 and ANSI X3T9.5

Currently, the working group is working on the topic of 802.2D LLC4, High Performance LLC, where LLC Type 4 defines a protocol for high-performance applications. Other activities of this working group include revising the existing ISO 880.2-2 standard, defining management for LLC protocols, and defining conformance statements

Standards of this working group include: 802.2c: PICS Proforma and 802.2f: Sublayer Management.

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