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IEEE 802.3ah

In addition to the classic area of local networks, the activities of the Ethernet working groups are also directed at access networks and carrier networks. The 802.3ah working group is creating the specifications for Ethernet in the First Mile( EFM), which are being driven by the Metro Ethernet Forum( MEF).

IEEE standard 802.3ah defines various connection types and transmission media. Passive point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links over copper cable and fiber, known as Passive Optical Network( PON), Ethernet Passive Optical Network( EPON), Gigabit PON( GPON) and Gigabit Ethernet PON( GEPON). It also specifies hybrid techniques and related monitoring techniques: operation, administration, and maintenance( OAM).

The 802.3ah working group has defined two interfaces for Ethernet in the First Mile: 10Pass- TS for high data rates and short distances and 2Base- TL, which is used in midband Ethernet, for lower data rates and longer distances.

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